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At Performance 5 Fitness we strive to coach, mentor and educate our clients to achieve lifelong results and reach his/her full potential.

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About Jeff

Jeff Iwanaka has been in the fitness industry since 2001 and over the years has accumulated over 12,000 personal training hours. He has worked with a wide range of clients from the overweight person trying to improve their body composition, the bodybuilder looking to add lean muscle mass, the professional athlete, the celebrity, the senior looking to strengthen their body and move better to the busy professional who needs a coach to hold them accountable to maximize their results.

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We specialize in body/lifestyle transformations

Goal setting, functional strength training & nutrition education

Jeff has worked at some of the best personal training studios in the Lower Mainland over the years and in 2015 founded Performance 5 Fitness. He offers services in his two private gyms located in Capitol Hill Burnaby and in North Vancouver.

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Over the years Jeff has completed in a wide range of sporting activities including:

Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia

Registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiology

Certified Human Movement Specialist (Brookbush Institute)

Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council of Sports Medicine

Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Transformation Coach

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