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My name is Jeff Iwanaka and I have been in the fitness industry since 2001.

I started working out to gain confidence and add muscle to my skinny frame. Being 100 lbs in grade 10 and wanting to increase my strength, I decided to join my school strength training program. The rest was history.

After I graduated high school, I went to the University of British Columbia to earn my bachelors in Human Kinetics.

I immediately became certified, became a strength and conditioning specialist and started working in a high end boutique personal training studio. After transforming many clients lives through both body and lifestyle transformations, I decided to start my own personal training business in 2015. At this point of my career, I had over 10,000 1 on 1 training sessions logged. My clients ranged from movie stars, professional athletes, busy professionals who have very little time to exercise, people who struggle with confidence or being over-weight and those who struggle with knowing what to do in a gym setting.

At this time of my life, I had put on some extra weight being a new Father.

I realized that even though I was a personal trainer, I was no longer walking the walk. That year I discovered a system which changed my life. I was finally able to get myself and clients results and allowing them to choose the foods they like and even eat the treats they enjoy without sabotaging their results. I also discovered that I do not need to implement challenging diets or fads with clients to get them real time results. Finally, my clients were seeing amazing transformations, improved confidence and feeling like their younger self's again. With thorough goal setting, mind set training, functional strength training, increasing muscle mass, learning how to implement a lifelong nutritional style of eating and a high level of accountability, clients are blown away with their results they can achieve.

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Jeff Iwanaka
Human Movement Specialist
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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