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I spent the last 7-8 years of my life working like a dog. Being an immigrant, providing for family, trying to get a settled life and giving back to the family has literally been all what I have done, besides opening two businesses. Last 3 years did a number on me like no other though. Going through the most difficult and the worst time in my life, when nothing is going right and everything is falling apart, I knew I needed professional help. You might think I'm extrovert but I'm quite introvert and I don't deeply connect with people easily. More so I never liked the Gym environment because I never met the right people. I always struggled with my body image because I was always bullied for it (even when I was really fit) and so I don't like anyone pushing me around because I am quite hard on myself already, more than I need to mostly. I needed somebody who gave me gentle guidance and yet at the same time gives me positive encouragement to keep going. Working with Jeff in just 2-3 days I could feel the change in me that I so desparately needed.

Within the first week itself, I lost close to 6lbs, gained 1% muscle and lost 2% body fat. On top of it all, I was still eating everything I wanted to!

I did Yoga and swimming all my life but in the last 3-4 years, life just became too much to handle. To the point that I could feel, beside the enormous weight gain and not recognizing myself in the mirror - hating the image I saw looking back at me and crying my eyes out, I could now feel my mental health deteriorating.

Jeff has been so amazing beyond words and just within my first week with him, I have had a much bigger goal now that I came for initially.

I wanted Jeff to make me stronger physically since the job and weight gain had completely wore my body off. I have a lot of back issues and Jeff has been unbelievable in keeping that in mind and yet making me work for it. I sleep better and I feel more powerful each day. I can't wait to reach my goal. For the first time in my life, I will be EXACTLY who I always wanted to be and I wouldn't have to keep covering my body in baggy clothes and feeling ashamed of it. I am on a better path because of Jeff and in a few months I will post a transformation photo of me to prove it.

Here's a little tribute, one of many to come, for this amazing gentleman!

Client Testimonial


While on a trip to Hawaii I realized I was the heaviest and fattest I’ve ever been. I decided to find a trainer and Jeff and I reconnected coincidentally. So it all started in April 2015 with Jeff saying to me I have to be willing to do strength training and be focused on nutrition. I agreed to this because I want results and I am very committed to the process.
My weight was 239lbs and body fat was 29% Jeff said I could hit 205lbs I said he was crazy and started up. Now (6 months later) I’m 191lbs and 10% body fat.

I would recommend Jeff as a trainer after this extreme body transformation. He is strongly recommended.

Client Testimonial


I’ve trained with Jeff consistently for the last three years. He’s one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. He is results oriented, motivating and knowledgeable. I’d highly recommend him for anyone who is ready to make a life transformation to becoming fit.

Client Testimonial


At Performance 5 Fitness, it is about getting healthy and changing your mindset. I came to Jeff Iwanaka because I was inspired from seeing my friend go from C-section recovery with baby weight to fit, healthy mom. I loved the confidence that radiated with her. Confidence was something that I always had trouble with. I had a rough past and tried various activities but was never able to sustain anything long enough, often self sabbotaging my own progress and personal growth.

Jeff's thoughtful and patient coaching has allowed me to not only work on developing a growth mindset, but was able to help me tackle on challenges I never thought I was able to do. Sometimes I look back at challenges like Seek the Peak (13km race uphill from ocean to mountain top) and am in awe of my own accomplishments but it was only with his careful guidance that I was able to overcome my own injuries and setbacks to feeling strong and proud. He provides guidance on nutrition as well as working on proper form in weight training. A lot of my injuries have disappeared after working with Jeff.

I was always told that my weight mattered and I had to be skinny to be attractive. With Performance 5 Fitness, I now believe that I am strong, both mentally and physically. I have never felt more confident, energized, and attractive in my life. Thanks you Jeff Iwanaka from Performance 5 Fitness for not just being a fitness coach but life coach as well!

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Body Transformation
Body Transformation


Jeff has put me through some of the toughest workouts in my life -- he has an uncanny ability to raise the bar in a friendly and positive way.